Artistic Collaborations

Do you need voice over audio, lyrical verses or writing assistance with your upcoming project?
"Intellectual powerhouse, top tier lyricist & metaphor mastermind"

Wanna collaborate lyrically on a musical endeavor? Do you need that distinct flow, high level of wordplay and metaphoric prowess to boost your projects lyrical content? Let me drop a hot 8, 16, 32 bars or better of topic relative hot lyrical content on your upcoming project.

High quality lyrical content is of utmost importance when working on a music project. It is the core element that captivates listeners and leaves a lasting impression. The words and messages conveyed through lyrics have the power to touch people's hearts, inspire them, and provoke deep emotions. I'll add intellectually creative lyrical content to your project, as it is crucial to tap into your own unique perspectives, experiences, and imagination. I draw inspiration from various sources such as literature, personal encounters, and current events. I allow thoughts to flow freely, exploring different concepts, metaphors, and wordplay. I embrace the art of storytelling to engage your audience, making them relate to the lyrics on a personal level. By dedicating time and effort to crafting high quality lyrical content, I will make sure your music project will undoubtedly stand out and resonate with listeners on a profound level.

"Digital audio craftsman w/a keen ear for quality creative musical arrangements"

Now you face new challenges. You need to position your upcoming project, go from theory to practice, but you don't see results. When you think about the competition and market, your mind says that you will lose or won't capture your audience. Here's where I come in. You dream of collaborating but you don't dare to approach justmanyone, and although you have good ideas, you see how someone like myself can help raise the bar and implement a level of creativity unseen before.

If you are in search of someone who can deliver exceptional hip-hop inspired digital music projects, look no further. I possess a remarkable skill for producing high quality music, with a keen ear for excellence and a knack for creating unique and creative arrangements. Whether you are looking for a collaborative effort or simply want me to craft a musical masterpiece exclusively for you, I am here to fulfill your needs. Together, we can create something truly remarkable that will captivate listeners and stand out in the industry. Don't hesitate to reach out and let's embark on this musical journey together.

Production Rates

$250+Up USD

Anything over $500 can paid in installments:
50% up front prior to production, and the other 50% at the completion of our project. Remember all publishing copyright and leasing agreements will be discussed and made prior to production.

Why choose me artistically?

I am Honorable Ankhto13er9, and the most powerful reason I can give you is simple: I am going to elevate the lyrical performance and content value of any musical work I'm featured on. I began professionally in 2004. I ghostwrite and co-write songs. My self produced highly acclaimed works position my personal brand. I have a community of millions of people (between popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Rumble, Snapchat, Google, YouTube etc.). I also debut my company's digital agency's resources through Ethereal Embassy LLC, where we help hundreds of clients / artists with downloadable PDF files and FREE information to assist in management of their marketing strategies for impactful online communication and promotion of digital projects and musical art. Message me here or check my contact info for direct email and phone number. Let's work!

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Myself & Hip-hop Icon Kxng Crooked

It's going to work like this
Legalities Copyrights & Publishing forms

I will send you all legal forms to learn more about your business and expectations. This way I will know how to best move forward with business.

Work Edicate & Work Ethics

Just as I come ready focused and prepared to work punctual as time is money, I expect the same from you. Maintaining a musically creative yet professional atmosphere is a mandatory. Personal safety is a MUST.

eMail support Messaging

I will set aside one day a week to answer all the questions you send me via email and messenger apps so you have ongoing support throughout the project.

Video calls Live Chats

We will have an audio call, video call or live chat to communicate progress. Each one will be about an hour long. During our calls, I will review progress and set the goals for the next session.